A Beautiful Masterpiece

Love this blog post from a writing friend. We truly are God’s masterpiece, and He knows how each stroke fits together to make His finished painting.

Life in the Spacious Place

Heart Paint Splatter

The artist steps back from his painting to review his work so far.  It is taking shape and he is pleased with his progress.  He can see how the picture he imagined is gradually coming together, just as he intended.

To a bystander it may not look particularly special right now.  They may wonder why the artist has painted it as he has, failing to see what the splodge of paint here or the shadowy patch there represents.  They may not understand how it is taking shape.  They may even question why the artist perseveres with this work.  Wouldn’t it be better to give up and start again?

But the artist knows exactly what he is trying to accomplish.  He has a vision in his mind and he can gradually see it being realised.  While his work may not look like much just now, he knows how he will develop it…

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