When Healing Doesn’t Happen

An honest article about healing by a friend.

Chronic Joy Ministry

CJGodHasAPlanToday is a pain day. Every once in awhile, they creep up. The pain is severe and uncontrollable and obviously, unwelcome. I have had people ask me why God doesn’t heal me. I’ve had people ask me if I have even asked for healing. I have had people ask me if I believe He can do it.

Yes, I do believe He can. But right now, I do believe He won’t.

I don’t believe He doesn’t heal people – I know He does. I have seen it happen before with my own eyes. I just believe it is not the time for me to be healed. Sometimes healing doesn’t happen. But I believe healing doesn’t happen because God has a different plan for you.

When it is just you and pain, you join with Christ for relief. Even if there is no healing. Sometimes He allows the pain to…

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3 thoughts on “When Healing Doesn’t Happen

  1. Today, it became a little more difficult. I came home to a message from my doctor that a recent ultrasound revealed a problem with a lymph gland in my pancreas – I’m needing another cat scan. I called my best friends and asked for prayer and then I stopped and talked with God myself. I admitted that I was afraid but trusting Him knowing that whatever lies ahead we will handle, together and it is that truth that keeps me upright and focused on the blessings in my life.
    Thank you so much for posting the article and sharing the encouragement.


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