About me

Welcome to all of you who read my blog! My name is Barbara Robbins, and I’m the wife of a Christian video and movie producer-director and mom of two adult children, including our son who has cerebral palsy and is completely bed bound and dependent upon others for all his needs. The focus of my writing is sharing the lessons I’ve learned as the mom of a special needs child and a sufferer of multiple chronic illnesses. The path I’ve walked is not one I would have chosen, but it is the path my Lord and Savior has taken me down so my desire is to bring Him glory where I am.



2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Barbara, it is nice to meet you this morning and I am grateful that the Lord has brought me to your website. I have two adult sons: my youngest son, Matt, has just been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s at 37, I struggle with multiple chronic illnesses myself and an intellectual disability. God has introduced us before or because I wasn’t sure what to pray for or about. I look forward to learning from your experiences and reliance on Jesus Christ.

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    • I hope my blog posts will continue to minister to your needs. You mentioned you personally suffer with several chronic illnesses, so I’d like to share a helpful resource with you. God-Living Girls with Chronic Illness is an Facebook support-Bible study group that I help lead. It is an outgrowth of Laurie Miller’s website
      https://god-livingwithchronicillness.com/. If you are interested in joining God-Living Girls, just click on the above link and the first page gives information on how to join.


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